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A Rose In Winter

A Rose in Winter

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This is a book of original compositions for the harp, suitable for beginners and intermediate players. Songs include A Rose in Winter, Act Of God (1 lever change), Planting Dandelions, Where River Turns to Sky, Caterpillar on the Dill, Rikud Began Eden, Song for a Whale, Dancing on Snowflakes, Harpin' in the Rain and After the Garden's Been Planted.

A Rose In Winter Audio MP3 and Earl Newman, the cover artwork artist, on the right.

The book is $15. Now available with an audio CD accompaniment ($5).


Here's what people have written me about A Rose In Winter:

I just had to write to tell you that I have “rediscovered” Song for a Whale. What an amazingly beautiful piece! It captures the essence of this magnificent creature. I plan to play it at a nursing home later this month. I will be introducing it by relating a story of seeing a whale spouting while I was sitting at a beach here in beautiful Maine earlier this month. This piece will be my centerpiece for the presentation.
Betsy Kopyc

We did the songs at the nursing home today and the elderly ladies placed fresh cut flowers I brought in a cute bunny container while I played your garden inspired songs! (After the Garden's Been Planted, Planting Dandelions, Caterpillar on the Dill and Lilac's & Lavendar). Yellow daisies for the dandelions, lavender mini carnations and limonium for the lilac and lavender, etc :-) They loved it!
Laura Gibson

I bought your book at harpcon in Monterey, I just wanted to tell you how marvelous I think your songs are. My pedal harp teacher things so too. All of your songs seem to tell stories, even without your delightful recountings of how you came to write them. I'm impressed at the way you managed to weave different rhythms with very distinct melodies and then find such harpistic arrangements. Bravo!
Margy Kahn

I had to tell you how absolutely beautiful I found the music. As a beginner, I found the music easy enough to play quickly, but still so haunting and beautiful that it took my breath away. “Act of God” in particular, moved me deeply. I found the music easy to play quickly, but still so haunting and beautiful that it took my breath away. Thank you for creating something so wonderful.
Jennifer Shearer

These are really interesting, beautifully melodic, and easy to get your fingers around. They should be very useful for both students and teachers for recitals and all harp occasions.
Joanne Meis

I love your books. Your tunes and arrangements fit the harp beautifully as well as being musically rewarding. Your books are a staple in my teaching.
Laura Zaerr

I just got a copy of your book, A Rose in Winter and I've been playing with your song, Caterpillar on the Dill. I have dill growing in my front yard, and every summer the caterpillars come to feast. Usually I collect them along with the dill, and give them to my neighbors kids so they can see the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. I did this a couple of years ago with Luke, who was about 5 then. A few weeks after I gave Luke the caterpillar, I asked him how it was doing. He said (in a very serious voice) "Oh, he's doing fine." I then asked him if he'd named the caterpillar, and he said, (again in a very serious voice) "Yes, I did. His name is Louise." Well, I had tears running down my face I was laughing so hard at a caterpillar named Louise. But Louise turned into a butterfly and hung around Luke's garden for a couple of weeks. Ever since then, all of the caterpillars have been named some variation of Louise- Louis, Luigi, Louisa, Lou...
Laurie Roszell

I'm happily harping your tunes in a variety of situations. They're pleasant to play and easy to adapt to every setting. I think your tunes are really excellent for the needs of the therapeutic player.
Eve Watters

Your music brings me great joy at a time of sadness in my life. I like in particular “Where River Turns to Sky.” Maybe that has something to do with the ups and downs in my life and the fact that I used to be a social worker at a nursing home.
Ann Hamer

Just a note to thank you for your music. I play harp at Highline Community Hospital. Today I played "Song For A Whale", "Rikud Began Eden", and "After The Garden's Been Planted" from your first book at the Cancer Center, and oh boy - It was a joy! I also love "Where River Turns to Sky." Somehow I played "Act of God" straight thru, pretty good the first time, and it really struck me deeply. It almost makes me cry every time I play it, it's very sacred, and a personal. I play it last when I'm practicing. I'm also practicing "The Lady of Shamrock" (from Gossamer Gate), "Harpin' In The Rain", and "Waltz Around With Rosiee" (from The Singing Tree), all of these songs are just Delicious. There are so many, and I'm amazed at the variety - You are one very talented Lady! Thank you for these songs, they are so beautiful.
Jini O'Flynn (See Jini on the right playing from Sweepin' the Clouds Away on her small harp).

I just wanted to tell you how much I like your book "A Rose in Winter".  The songs are both delightful and beautiful.   I'm a retired instrumental elementary school music teacher with a Salvi Daphne pedal harp and a Lyon-Healy Troubador lever harp. Most of the songs in your book sound GREAT on the MARIMBA too!  I have a 1949 Deagan 4-octave marimba and a friend and I have played  your songs as duets--one of us doing the treble part and the other the bass part.  I'm also going to try them on my vibraphone, but haven't gotten to it yet.

I wanted you to know that I played your composition, "Dancing in Heaven" for a spreading of ashes ceremony in our Memorial garden at our church. I played it over and over and even threw in a few little light glisses while the entire congregation was assembling. I told the family what I had played and they were thrilledl.
Linda Kaiser in Syracuse, NY.

I just want to let you know that I am loving your book, Rose in Winter. It is haunting. I was playing Act of God and I love the way it goes up and down in thirds. That g sharp is just so wonderful. Then I was playing Where the River Turns to Sky and the last high part is my favorite and then the chords on the up beat. I could go on and on, so delightful. You are truly talented.
Stephanie Raphael-Nakos

I recently bought your A ROSE IN WINTER. I love the first two songs, which is all the further I have gotten. Have been playing lever harp for four years and really love your songs. Thank you SO much for the great music. Can't wait to try some more. Donna Vaughan

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy playing Song for A Whale! It is really sweet and joyous and evocative Thanks for writing it! Lea Masiello

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A Rose in Winter

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