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Endorsements: Here's what they're saying about the Thormahlen Gemini

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Endorsements for  Swans,   Cygnets,   Serenades  and Ceili and Clare

Updated January 18, 2014

See our video of 4 customers who tell their expereience of their Thormahlen Harp on the Swan endorsement page.

The Gemini 72  

What an extrordinary harp. It's really fun to practice. Bravo! I recommend these harps very highly.
- Liz Cifani, Illinois (with her Black Gemini Double Swan)

12 years later:
- Today I got a phone call from Liz to tell us how much she absolutely still loves her Thormahlen Gemini Double harp. She said, "If I was on a Desert Island and could only chose one harp to have, this would be the one." She said a whole lot more about how she uses it in therapy work, her improvisational skills skyrocketed when she got this harp and people just love it. Liz has the first one we ever made, #286. Now we're on harp #1120.

If I consider myself a painter, there are some harps that give me only red, green, blue. Then there are harps that give me the sound of 7 colors. I have always found that the Thromahlens give me, as a player, the largest amount of tone color of any harp that is out there on the market. I get very versatile combinations of tone color. They are beautiful, well made instruments that are very dependable, which is what a professional player needs.
- Carl Johnson, Illinois

“Thormahlen is truly a leader in lever harp construction. I recently bought my Gemini Swan which has both clarity and depth of tone throughout the range of the harp. The sound is warm and sweet. One of the few full sized double strung harps, it has unique harmonic capabilities that are completely different from my pedal harp. The wood is remarkable and beautiful to look at, and the sound projects very well. You can’t go wrong with a Thormahlen.”
- Julieanne Rabens, Illinois (Julie with her Gemini 72 Double Swan)


Photo by John Vellenga

Endorsements for Swans,   Cygnets,
Serenades  and Ceili and Clare


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