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Recordings Updated December 23, 2014
We are very proud of these recordings that feature the Thormahlen Swan. We always love to hear how well our harps perform in the recording studio, but the real pleasure is in hearing the beautiful music that these great players create. We invite you to share in some of this delightful music.

We don't carry all of these CDs anymore, but we do have some. So if you're looking for something, let us know and we'll see if we have it or we can connect you with the person who does have it.

Live From the Harp Shop - Dave and Sharon Thormahlen

Recorded in the early summer of 2013 (just a few weeks ago), this CD is a wonderful collection of our favorite tunes. It has 15 tunes on it including: Alpenglow, Habanera Gris, Sweepin' the Clouds Away, Gander in the Pratie Hole, Merengue Rojo, Sunstream, Hewlett, The Night Sky, Autumn Moon, Gossamer Gate, Flamenco Lingo, Sweeten Creek, Birs of Blue Ridge, Moon Over the Mountain and Carrickfergus. You will find many of these tunes in the books below. CD - $10

The Singing Tree - Sharon Thormahlen
Sharon's 2001 CD performed on a Thormahlen Walnut, Nylon Swan 36, is a beautiful collection of original compositions from her 3 original songbooks which are listed at the bottom of this page. There are six from A Rose in Winter: Act of God, After The Garden's Been Planted, Where River Turns To Sky, A Rose In Winter, Planting Dandelions and Song For A Whale. Seven from The Singing Tree: In the Wind, Wolf At The Big Odell, Pepperoni, Nanalou O Kohola, Moon Drifting, The Singing Tree and Waltz Around With Rosie, and One from Gossamer Gate: The Last Goodbye. CD - $10 Read John Lozier's review

Harpin' on the Dead - Anela Lauren

Sweet and tasty Grateful Dead tunes taken higher and further on the strings of the celtic harp; some slow and acoustic, some electric and rockin', with amazing backup musicians. Not just for Deadheads! Tunes include: Ripple, They Love Each Other, Eyes of the Worls, Box of Rain, Franklin's Tower, Black Muddy River, Lady Wiuth a A Fan/Terrapin Station, Scarlet Begonias/Fire On the Mountain, and Attics of My Live. CD - $10

Trilogy - Laura Zaerr
ANNOUNCING Laura Zaerr's new CD. In Laura's words: "The new CD I just put out this summer is all traditional Celtic tunes. Songs are sung by Laura Berryhill in Eugene, and the fiddling is by Laurie Goren of San Francisco. We are "The Three Lauras," but we call ourselves "Trilogy." I am excited about this project because it gave me a chance to explore some arranging ideas with a couple of other fabulous musicians." Tunes include: Bonny Lesley, Stratherrick / Grant's Rant, Lament for Limerick / March of the King of Laois, Ready for the Storm, Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore, Bovaglie's Plaid, Song for Ireland, The Red Haired Girl of Tulloch / Timour the Tartar / The Atholl Highlanders, She Moved Through the Fair, The Reel of Tullochgorum CD - $15 Listen: Bonnie Lesley / Shamrock /Lament for Limerick played on a Mahogany Folk Harp Gut Swan

A Thousand Dreams Away - Laura Zaerr
Laura Zaerr has been a source of valuable assistance and inspiration. A classically trained graduate from the Eastman School of Music, she lends her superb technique and clean style to a selection of Celtic favorites and original tunes. A Thousand Dreams Away was recorded using a Mahogany Swan 36 with Lever Gut Strings. CD - $15
L'autre Jour - Laura Zaerr
Harp Music of the 18th and 19th centuries performed on a single action pedal harp made by Challiot (1892 Paris, France). Although this recording was not made with a Thormahlen Harp, we feel it is one of the most beautiful harp recordings. In addition to harp, some selections also feature soprano vocals in French by Gayle Neuman, and Czakan (18th century walking stick recorder) by Phillip Neuman. CD - $15
Wolcum Yole -  Laura Zaerr
A collection of Yule-tide music for the Celtic harp. Laura has found some obscure tunes as well as some that are more well-known. With her own flavorings, she has arranged and recorded these tunes. It is delightful and wonderful holiday music worth listening to any time of the year. CD - $15

Angelic Noel - Cynthia Lynn Douglass
Christmas music on solo harp. This album features a blend of favorites, lesser known tunes and one original. Recorded with a Thormahlen Maple, Nylon Swan 36. CD - $15

Simply The Harp I - Angi Bemiss
Angi does a beautiful job of creating a collection of Peaceful Songs on this album. There are a variety of melodies from Irish and Welsh to hymns and contemporary compositions. CD - $15

Simply The Harp II - Angi Bemiss
Angi does an equally beautiful job on this collection of Lullabies and Tranquil Songs. This album contains many familiar songs. CD - $15

Simply the Harp III (Contemporary Songs of Faith) and IV (Christmas Serenity) by Angi Bemiss are also available at $15 each.

Matter of Life and Death - D Squared (Don Charles and Deb Gessner)
Don & Deb weave melody and counterpoint with voices, harp, guitar and a variety of other instruments creating original music telling stories with intriguing wit and humor. On this recording, a Nylon strung Maple 36 Thormahlen harp is featured in an ensemble setting. Arrangements include original instrumentals, the rich baritone vocals of singer songwriter Don Charles and the sweet harmony of Deb Gessner and others. CD - $15
Big Sky Full O' Dumb Stars - D Squared (Don Charles and Deb Gessner)
More wit and wisdom from Don with some particularly beautiful instrumentals by Deb, played on 3 different Thormahlen harps. CD - $15
Dessert First! - The Swing Beans 1989
(The only harp on this album is the mouth harp played by Lentil Bean), Sharon and Dave Thormahlen (Sharon Maurer at the time) were members of The Swing Beans Swing Band. With special guest Bob Brozman playing his whimsical Slide Guitar, the Swing Beans instrumentation includes Violin, Mandolin, Guitar, Bass, Harmonica and vocals. Sharon plays the bass and sings, Dave plays mandolin (one of his own making) and sings as well. This album is a collection of Swing Tunes from the 40's and also original swing style tunes by Sharon and Lentil. The popular tunes include Sin To Tell A Lie, Exactly Like You, Swing That Music, Walking Stick and Choo Choo Ch'Boogie. Sharon's originals include Dessert First, Do I Know You, Co-Dependent Polka, Love Me Before You Leave Me, Let It Rain and Let's Start Over Again. Lentil Bean (who now goes by his original name of Fredrick Bryan) wrote Wrong Bus. CD $10; cassette $5

Groovin' In The Garden - The Swing Beans 1987
Originally this was only available only on cassette but have made mp3s from the cassette and it is now available on CD. This was the Swing Beans first album combining 40's style swing with originals in the swing style. For more details, see Dessert First from above. Some of the popular tunes are Undecided, Dittie Wah Dittie, Mr. Sandman, and Satin Doll, some of the originals are You Oughta See My Baby, New Shoes, Groovin' In The Garden, and I'm In Love With You. 14 tunes in all, it's a fun album and great traveling music to take with you on long trips. CD $10.

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