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The Clare 34

Also see the Ceili

Walnut Clare shown with a Koa Thormahlen Guitar and a Yew Wood Thormahlen Ukelele (Yewkelele).


The new Clare 34 was designed to be strung with folk gut strings creating a warm rendition of the Ceili harp. It is an extraordinary harp. It can also be strung in Fluroucabon strings for a more briliiant tone.

The Clare harp is the same shape as the Ceili. It is built like the Cygnet and Swan with solid wood of your choice, a full stave back and a solid wood veneered soundboard. It was designed with the traditional Irish player in mind with a light string tension from low C to high A and, like the Ceili, it has a slightly narrower spacing than our other harps. It is levered with Camac levers and comes with a case, a tuning key and a five year warranty. Weighing in at 21-22 lbs, it is small, light and easy to carry. The Clare is made with the same loving care that goes into all our Thormahlen Harps.

*Walnut with a Cedar veneered soundboard. The sound is exquisite!


*This Koa Deluxe has a Koa neck and pillar with a Koa veneered soundboard.


On the left the multi-colored Dogwood Vine adorns the front of the pillar, and on the right, is the Rosebud vine with the smaller rose on the other side.


On the left is the Koa veneered soundboard with paua abalone inlay. On the right is the Spruce veneered soundboard with white abalone inlay.


Koa Clare with the 2-roses inlay


The Clare 34 with Nylon strings: $6295

The Clare 34 with Folk Gut strings: $6595

With Fluorocarbon strings: $6695

This is one gorgeous harp!

Endorsements for the Clare and the Ceili


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