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The Tall Serenade and Ceili ($200)

If you are on the tall side, say 5'6" and up, you might like your Serenade or Ceili built with taller feet. It brings it up to the same height as our Swan. This is an option for the Cygnet harp as well. The taller feet raise the harp up another 3".


To compare the size with the Swan, here is a picture showing them side by side.

This is a Ceili 34 with the tall feet. Also notice the maple top block and binding on the front and the back.


To compare with the regular Serenade, here is a picture:


With the taller feet the harp fits into a Swan harp case. There is no need to remove them to fit it into it's case. It fits!!! And no extra charge for the case.


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semi-staved back

Binding and trim options




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