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Thormahlen Harp #1

Built in 1983, this is the first harp Dave ever made. It was purchased by Fred Wilson in Eugene, Oregon at the Balladeer Music Store owned by Doug Daniels. It has Robinson levers on it with 32 strings going from high C to low G. It is made out of walnut with a spruce soundboard.

He brought it to us on May 24, 2012, so I took some pictures. At that time it was 29 years old and still ticking! 

Look at the cute claw feet.


Here is a picture of the windmill name plate that was made in honor of Dave's grandfather who was a painter and used a windmill as part of his signature on the back of all of his paintings. We have been told that our name in Norwegian is translated as the mill keeper. The first part Thor is like the Greek God, Thor, and Mahlen is the mill. SoThormahlen means the god of the mill or the mill keeper.

Here is Fred & Dave in our showroom in 2012.

And this is me playing Harp #1 before it belonged to Fred back in 1984. This is also 12 years before I started playing the harp. Dave and I had just met. You can tell I don't know what I'm doing, but at least I have my hands in the right part of the harp.


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