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Introducing The New Serenade Harp

Here is a Youtube video of Aryeh Frankfurter playing his Serenade harp with fluorocarbon strings.

In 2015, we redesigned our Serenade harp and we think you'll love it. It is now a little smaller, more compact and lighter. The pillar now connects under the neck instead of in front of the neck. It now looks more like the Ceili. We also think this new pillar is stronger as there aren't so many curves in it. We also have initiated a new stringing pattern for the nylon Serenade harp making the string tension lighter and the tone clearer and slightly brighter. It is basically lightening all the gauges by 1 standard string gauge. The string spacing is the standard string spacing of the pedal harp.

Below you'll see the old Serenade on the left and the new Serenade on the right.

Serenade options

Our Serenade would bring joy to any harper for a long, long time. It has the same neck and pillar design as the Cygnet with a flat-back or semi-staved soundbox made of laminated Okume, which is an African mahogany. The top of the box is shaped to be very comfortable against your shoulder. In order to keep the weight at 20 lbs, the pillar and feet are made out of mahogany. For strength, the neck is made out of maple pin block. The Basic Serenade is $5995 with nylon strings, full Camac levers and a case. (folk gut strings: $6295 and with fluorocarbon strings: $6395).

The Serenade is available with a number of options concerning the binding around the soundbox, a semi-staved back, taller legs and custom trim work. These are briefly described below with a link for more details.

The Serenade comes in a variety of elegant colors.

From left to right: natural blond, amber, chestnut, walnut, and black (add $300 for Black Stain). The blond Serenade on the left has a maple pillar (and the old style feet). This can be done but the harp will weigh more. The blond harp below has a mahogany pillar (and the new feet) which is lighter in weight.


The Serenade is 51 inches tall and weighs 20 lbs. It is ideal for the harp student who wants to start with a less expensive and very nice instrument. It is perfect for those who just want a smaller, lighter harp, or for those who play in hospital settings and find themselves carrying it from room to room. Smaller adults and children will find this harp a great fit; and for someone looking to fit a full size harp into a small car, this is just the right thing.

Here is a closer look at the color options.

Blond, Amber and Chestnut


Walnut and Black (add $300 for Black Stain)

  • The Amber and Chestnut Serenades are the Basic Serenade with a flat back and no binding.
  • The Walnut flat back Serenade is shown with maple binding on the front and back and a maple top block.
  • The Blond and Black Serensdes are shown with the semi-staved back. The Black Serenade has the maple binding on the front and a maple top block.

The Serenade can also be made with taller feet ($200).

To see all the possible options click on this link.

The Serenade uses the same nylon or folk harp gut string sets as the Swan and Cygnet and has the lighter tension like the Cygnet.


The "T" harp logo decoration comes on every Serenade harp. The chestnut, walnut and black stained harps get the gold logo and the natural blond and amber stained harps get the black logo.

You can also get pearl inlay on the pillar of your harp. On a blond Serenade, you can get any inlay you'd like. It is mpore difficult to insert inlay into the stained harps, so the inlays need to be simple. The oval inlays work best. Here are a couple of examples:

See more inlay.


Piano pin block is used to make the neck on all of our harp models making it very strong. Piano Pin block is also used for the necks on pedal harps. The Serenade is built with our new improved knee block giving more surface area to the joint.

The harp on the left is a close up of the Amber flat back basic Serenade box construction (no binding), top block and knee block. You can also see the piano pin block neck. On the left is a Chestnut flat back basic Serenade (no binding).


The Serenade harps come with a full set of Camac levers and a padded Cordura carrying case exactly like the ones that come with our Swans and Cygnets.




The feet you see below are the same style feet as our Cygnet harp. The rubber on the bottom helps to keep the harp from slipping when playing on an uncarpeted floor.


The Black Pearl Serenade

The Black Pearl Serenade harp comes with pearl inlay around the soundboard. It is also trimmed with rosewood binding and has a Rosewood top block set off by a strip of maple binding. The Black Pearl above is a flat back with the rosewood binding. See more of The Black Pearl.



Basic Flat Back Serenade with nylon strings: $5995, with folk gut strings: $6295, with fluorocarbon strings: $6395

Semi-staved back: Add $200

Semi-staved back in contrasting wood (includes semi stave): $400

Binding on the front of the soundboard: Add $300

Binding on the front and back of the soundbox (no semi stave): Add $500

Special request binding and top block: Call to discuss options

Tall feet: Add $200

Black Stain: Add $300

Serenade options:

Semi-staved Back Serenade


Tall Feet

Hear the Serenade played by Brook Boddie
Upon the Willow
His Eye is on the Sparrow

The Serenade harp evolved over 10 years from our Summit model.

"Someone who creates a beautiful instrument that brings such beauty and pleasure into the world is involved in a very holy endeavor. What you folks do goes beyond the mechanics of carpentry and the physics of sound waves. What a wonderful, wonderful thing to do as one's life work. The beauty and the pleasure that you have brought into the world with your harps is such a great contribution. Tikkun olam, (Hebrew) repairing the world, one harp at a time! That's what you guys do! Every time I play my harp, I say a prayer of thanksgiving for the gift you've given with your talent and skills. What can I say except a very humble and sincerely-felt thank you." Jane McNally


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