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Gossamer Gate

Gossamer Gate

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Suitable for beginners and intermediate players, the tunes are in the keys of Eb, F, C, G, Em, and D. If you liked her other books, you'll love this one. Songs include Lady of Shamrock, Lazy Dogs, Huckleberry Heaven, The Confluence (1 lever change), Time to Sleep, Figmint, Sunstream, Gossamer Gate (recorded on Pamela Bruners CD entitled Gentle Maiden), and The Last Goodbye (which is recorded on Sharon's Singing Tree CD).

Sunstream Audio MP3

The book is $15. Now available with an audio CD  accompaniment ($5).

I played the piece, Sunstream, out of your new book for a patient today who said she wished she could be sailing instead of in the hospital. I read her what you said at the end of the piece and told her to close her eyes and picture that sunstream on the water. She said it really helped and reminded her of a wonderful sailing trip she took a couple of years ago. She said to thank you and to keep writing those musical watercolors. Julie Hussar, CMP

My favorite, at first acquaintance, are Gossamer Gate (you and Pamela Bruner make a great team!), Huckleberry Heaven with its moments of square dance liveliness, and Sunstream. Your music is always good, but what has always made the books extra special for me, is what you write at the end of each piece about how and where it came to be. It’s like sharing your family’s life. I’m sure everyone who uses your books feels they know you well. Keep ‘em coming! Muriel Willingham

I am getting a vision of being a “visiting harpist” for that forgotten elderly person who sits alone much of his/her time in a small home or apartment with few if any visitors. I cannot think of a better body of music to learn and take to these people than your original compositions. Thank you for your dedication and all of yourself that you put into your work! Peggy Glenn

Your songs are so beautiful, I just get lost in them and the time flies by while I am playing. I have lately noticed people pausing outside my open windows in the garden to listen to the songs. Your music is my treat after I do my finger exercises and other assignments! Susan Graham

I want to thank you for your gift of exquisite music and song. I absolutely love playing your music. It truly fills me with joyful peace. My partner feels the same. Several of the brides we worked with chose selections from your books. That made me very happy. Cindy McCormick

Last Friday evening, I played in a very small French restaurant. It was so small I just brought my 26 string harp. The biggest applause was when I played your Gossamer Gate, Thanks for a great tune. Chuck Wilson

I am also enjoying the music in “Sweepin’ the Clouds Away”. Love the songs, they are simple but yet when you play them they sound great. I can get lost….I have a question regarding a little x in September Sunrise. You will see one in measure 5, 6, 13, 14. What does it mean? It might be a stupid question, but I have learned there are no stupid questions. Can you help? Terrie Hywari
Terrie, Thanks for asking that question. You're right, there are no stupid questions. The x means cross over or cross under. So from M5- M6 you play fingers 1-2, cross over to the 1-2-1 and then cross under to the 3. Hope that makes it more understandable. Sharon

I am so loving The Confluence. (the first song in the first book I opened). Your music really touches my soul! Thank you so much for sharing your talents. I love the way you've arranged them in the order of levering...and I love the syncopating that you do on many of them as well! Lorainne Wiwchar


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Gossamer Gate

For international sales, please email me.

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