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This is a collection of Jewish tunes that Sharon grew up with. The inspiration came from going to a workshop given by Sunita Staneslow which brought me back to my Jewish roots and the tunes I grew up with. As I decided which tunes to include, the melodies just poured out of my memory and through my fingers.

The tunes are: Erev Shel Shoshanim (Evening of Roses), Rikud Began Eden (Dancing in Heaven), Hava Nashira (Let Us Sing), Hinei Mah Tov (How Good it is), Shalom Medley (Peace), Havtacha (The Promise), Ma Navu (How Pleasant), Rozinkes Mit Mandlen (Raisins and Almonds), Hatikvah/Zum Gali Gali (Hope and Peace), Tumbalalaika (Play the Balalaika), Hatikvah/Tumbalalaika, The Borucha (Blessing of the Candles)
Originally I was going to make easy and intermediate arrangements of each song, but then decided to combine them by using the intermediate arrangement as variations to the easy arrangement. The easy arrangements are generally the first time through the tune.

There are a couple of rounds, which would be fun to use for Harp Circles and with friends. They are Hava Nashira with 3 parts and Hinei Mah Tov with 2 parts

Shalom Audio MP3

The book is $15. Now available with an audio CD accompaniment ($5).

Here's what folks are saying about Shalom:

"Once a week I play my harp at the Caroline Kline Galland Home in Seattle, a Jewish retirement and assisted living facility. I rely on Sharon's book, Shalom, and play it cover-to-cover almost every week. When I started to play yesterday, all the people who were gathered in the day room appeared to be sound asleep in their wheelchairs. As the harp filled the room with these familiar melodies, I heard humming all around me. Most of the people knew the songs and hummed along. It was a precious hour. I love the tunes in this book." Ann Jenkins

Just a note to say thank you again for the purchase of two of your beginner friendly books. Last evening I got to play right hand to “Hatikvah” (amongst many other more polished pieces) at a Christian Bible Study that focuses on Israel and learning Hebrew. The women began to sing to this song, it was very special. {Must get on to learning both hands together for these lovely women.} Thank you again for your dedication to helping people like me to learn to play harp and share it with others. Such a blessing, Virginia Green

I wanted you to know that I played your composition, "Dancing in Heaven" for a spreading of ashes ceremony in our Memorial garden at our church. I played it over and over and even threw in a few little light glisses while the entire congregation was assembling. I told the family what I had played and they were thrilled. Linda Kaiser in Syracuse, NY.

I bought your Shalom book at the Somerset Festival and I just wanted to tell you how much I love it. Your Rikud Began Eden is so beautiful. I know I will be playing that one a lot, and I love your arrangements on all the others. They're so playable for my level and I've even gotten my clarinetist-husband to play a few of the tunes along with me. Thanks, Lisa Dolinger Green

"With clear arrangements and good suggestions for combining songs into medleys, this is a fun book for players of any level. It will be really useful at gigs too." Beth Kolle

"I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying the "Ma Navu" harp arrangement you have in your Shalom book. It's a very nice song and a very nice harp arrangement, especially the intermediate level one. I'm practicing it now and I really like it. Good work!" Rich Menges

Sharon, your music is just wonderful. I've been playing the CD's over and over. I started playing a few arrangements from your book "Shalom". Hopefully by next shabbat I'll be able to play Shabbot Shalom and Shalom Alecheim (my favorite) instead of just singing them. Jean Chicoine

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