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The Lightweight Ceili 34 Harp

This new Ceili harp (pronounced Kaylee) got the Janet Harbison "Seal of Approval" (or should I say Ceil of Approval!) at the Southeastern Harp Conference held in North Carolina, 2008!

Our Ceili also got this endorsement from William Jackson and his 2 year old son, Liam, at the 2016 Somerset Folk Harp Festival. "I enjoyed playing your Ceili harps, very nice indeed."

Also see the Clare.

The Ceili 34 Harp is the newest addition to the Thormahlen harp family. It was designed with the traditional Irish player in mind. This harp features light string tension from low C to high A and a slightly narrower string spacing than our other harps. It can be strung with nylon, folk gut or fluorocarbon strings, levered with Camac levers, and also comes with a case, a tuning key, and a five year warranty. Weighing in at about 18 lbs, it is small, light and easy to carry. The Ceili 34 is made with the same loving care that goes into all our Thormahlen Harps. We also have initiated a new stringing pattern for the nylon Ceili harp making the string tension lighter and the tone clearer and slightly brighter. It is basically lightening all the gauges by 1 standard string gauge.

Maeve Gilchrist and her new Ceili harp:

Maeve playing a Ceili 

Above is Maeve trying out the Ceili for the first time at the Southeastern Harp Weekend.

Hear Maeve play on her Ceili harp: The Ostinato Project

with Nic Gariess 

with Jordan Tice and Mariel Vandersteel

The Maeve Gilchrist Trio

Tiffany Schaeffer plays Give Me Your Hand

Nadia Pessoa also plays Give Me Your Hand


Natural Blond, Amber, Chestnut, Walnut, and Black Ceili (add $300 for black stain)


The Ceili soundbox is built out of Okume laminate like our Serenade with either a flat back like the harp on the right (in the picture) or a semi-staved back ($200) like the harp on the left.

The neck is maple pin block with a gentle curve and the pillar is mahognay also with a gentle curve making it very compact. It weighs 18 lbs. The base price with nylon strings is $5995 ($6295 folk gut and $6395 fluorocarbon).

When built with solid wood choices, this harp is called the Clare and is constructed like the Cygnet and Swan with a full staved back and a solid wood choice of  cherry, maple, walnut, mahogany, koa, rosewood or bubinga. The Clare has the narrower spacing like the Ceili. The neck is maple pin block sandwiched between the solid wood. Please click the link for more information on the Clare.

Another way to make your Ceili beautiful and unique is with the 2-toned harp. Here are some pictures of some possible configurations. On the left below: walnut Ceili with a chestnut soundboard, maple binding and top block.
On the right below: a chestnut with a natural blond soundboard, maple binding and top block with bubinga trim around the soundboard. It is $500 to do this kind of detail.

See our trim options page for a more thorough explanation of ways to make your harp unique.

Also check out the Black Koa Ceili for another unique treatment of this harp!

On the right below is Annalee Foster who originally came to us with the idea for a Thormahlen Irish style harp. She has worked with us closely over the last year winning the 2010 All Ireland Harp Championship on her koa Ceili-Mor (now called the Clare). We are so proud of her! We have also worked with Janet Harbison, Maeve Gilchrist, Grainne Hambly, and William Jackson on honing in the details for a fantastic Ceili harp.

Hear Annalee play her chestnut Ceili and her koa Clare with the links below:

Falling Slowly (from the movie Once)

Eleanor Plunkett

The Three Sea Captains

The Man from Newry McQueen's Hornpipe



Some Decorated Ceilis:

A semi-staved amber Ceili with maple binding down the front, a triple "single vine" inlay on the pillar and a side "squiggle"

Inlays on a stained harp need to be very simple. The inlay above is not simple, and we have decided not to do this intricate of an inlay on the stained part of a harp. Here is a page that shows the inlays that we will do on stained parts of the harp. However, the natural wood down the front of the pillar allows for any inlay to be put on these harps.


On the left is a black koa trimmed Ceili with a black soundboard and a bubinga trimmed Ceili with a chestnut soundboard. The picture on the right shows the koa trimmed semi-stave.

Blond Ceili with walnut trim and walnut stain on the neck and pillar

Below are the specifications on the Ceili:

The height at the pillar from the floor to the tip of the pillar is 51" (shorter feet can take it down an inch and taller feet can bring it up 2 more inches) .
The very top of the shoulder including the top block is 46".
The top of the soundbox is 44".
The widest part from the pillar to the back of the soundbox is 25".
The width of the top of the soundbox is 3".
The width at the bottom of the soundbox is 13 1/2".
The widest part of the soundbox at the bottom is 6 1/2" deep.


"I just wanted to let you know that the harp and I made it home! She is now safely at home and is fitting in just fine! It’s just lovely to look across the house and see a beautiful harp, but it’s even more special to sit down and play! I’ve adjusted now from the different feel of my old harp and my Thormahlen is so beautiful and easy to play it practically plays itself! So thank you, thank you for making such a beautiful instrument for me. I love it!"
Erin Lau


Thanks for taking a look at our Ceili harp!



The Clare


Endorsements for the Ceili and the Clare


Basic Flat Back Ceili with nylon strings: $5995, with folk gut strings: $6295, with fluorocarbon strings: $6395

Semi-staved back: Add $200

Semi-staved back in contrasting wood (includes semi stave): $400

Binding on the front of the soundboard: Add $300

Binding on the front and back of the soundbox (no semi stave): Add $500

Special request binding and top block: Call to discuss options

Tall feet: Add $200

Black Stain: Add $300



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