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The Bard in the Parlor

You can see Dave and I playing some of the music from this book at a house concert in Portland, Oregon in 2024. As Dave does, he talks for the first 5 minutes about all kinds of things. If you want to just hear the music, scroll up to 5:06.

This is a book collection of traditional tunes written by composers of 17th and 18th century. These include Turlough O’Carolan, Jeremiah Clarke, John Hill, Johann Pachelbel, Thomas O’Conellan, and Robert Joseph Lowe. They are suitable for beginners and intermediate players. Songs include The Minstrel Boy, Carolan's Welcome, Planxty Davis (Killiecrankie), Miss MacDermott, Mairi Bhan Og, An Ayre, Miss Loudon, Citi na gCumman, Carolan's Receipt, The Rights of Man, Sarabande, Lady St. John, Garryowen, Carolan's Quarrel, The Queen's Dream, King William's March, Pachelbel's Canon in D and The Bard in the Parlor. Miss MacDermott, Garryowen and King William's March have Harp 2 harmony parts.

The tunes are in C, Am, G, Em, and D. There is one tune with a lever change and three tunes that have a set sharp or natural for the entire tune. There are three tunes with harp 2 harmony parts. I assigned general beginner and intermediate levels in some of the arrangements as they get a little more involved the second or third time through the tune. I also thought there ought to be a tune called The Bard in the Parlor, so I wrote one as if I was that bard in the parlor, dedicating it to all the composers who came before him and those who will come after him.

Deb Knodel did the beautiful art work for the cover. Earl Newman, who did the art work for all of my other books, is now in his mid-90s and was unable to make a cover for me. I love Deb's rendition of the Bard! Just how I imagined it.

The book is available with an audio CD accompaniment ($5). See paypal drop down box.

If you'd like a pdf instead of the book, please email me that way you won't have to pay shipping costs.

Bard in the Parlor

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Here's a snippet of the first tune in the book:


Here's what people say about The Bard in the Parlor:

"Sharon Thormahlen has another winner with her newest book of harp music. The Bard in the Parlor contains many familiar tunes that have been expertly and interestingly arranged. And, as with all of Sharon’s books, the music is very accessible and falls easily under the fingers. If you are a fan of traditional Celtic music, you will want to have this Bard in your harp parlor.” Jan Dromlewicz


"I had the good fortune to be a fly on the wall as Sharon conceived this treasure and brought it to life You will find a selection of tunes with the Thormahlen tradition of creativity, artistry, attention to detail, research and context. Thank you Sharon for this new collection of old tunes that are innovative, fun and accessible." Becky Szymanski


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Bard in the Parlor

For international sales, please email me.


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