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Beneath The Pines


This is Sharon's 7th book of original tunes.

"This was a really fun project to do while stuck at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
I hope it brings more joy into the world."

Beneath the Pines
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Some of the tunes in this book were composed in 2018 while sailing in Canada with our friends Becky and Al Szymanski. Our destination was the Princess Louisa Inlet and ultimately to get a prototype harp to our luthier friend in Canada so he could bring it to the Guayabo luthiers in Cuba, who are interested in building some harps.


Some of the tunes were composed in 2019 on my couch while healing a broken leg that happened at the dog park. I tend to look for the silver lining in hard times and these tunes were the silver lining for having a broken leg. The year 2019 was also my 68th birthday, so I challenged myself to write some 6/8 tunes. I wrote four of them, one of which is a birthday tune.




The tunes are organized in the order of key signatures starting with F and ending with D, except for The Masquerade Waltz, which is placed at the beginning of the book to accommodate the page turn. There are no lever changes. Two pieces have accidental levers set before playing the piece. I added some fingerings where I thought they would be helpful

Here is a list of the tunes:

The Masquerade Waltz
Walking with a Lightness in My Heart
Buscando Ballenas (Searching for Whales)
My Dear Little One
The Winter Owl
Break a Leg
Beneath the Pines
Another Trip Around the Sun
Back on My Feet
Harmony Island
Squiggle Walk Jig

The book is $15 and can be purchased with an audio CD accompaniment ($5).
If you'd like the book in pdf, please email me.

Below is an excerpt Beneath the Pines from the book.


Here is a picture of the whale we were searching for (Buscando Ballenas).

Here's what people have written me about Beneath the Pines:

All of your books are a joy. I am particularly loving your newest book Beneath the Pines. I always know when I'm playing tunes from an excellent harpist because they fall nicely under my fingers so well. Sharon, you certainly excels at this and make me feel like a better harpist. My favorite songs in your new book are "The Masquerade Waltz," "Harmony Islands," and "Back on my Feet," but it is hard to limit the choices. If I had an evening party gig and my iPad died, and I needed to quickly grab just a couple books to keep me and my audience happy, I'd grab these three books by Sharon— Waltz Upon a Time, Sunset on Seattle, and Beneath the Pines. I'd have everything thing I'd need to play music that was diverse, interesting, and magical.
Harpist Beth A. Stockdell, Arkansas

Thank youso much. I love Buscando Ballenas!!  It lets me create my own sound while using your music as a guide, coming back to your sound and then launching out again as I feel it. It's just like I'm out searching for whales.This tune went straight to the top of my hit parade. 
Jodie, Colorado

I'm just now getting into this new book of yours -
It's your best one yet! You are an amazing song writer!!! 
Jini O'Flynn

I want to tell you how much I am enjoying “Beneath the Pines”. I love the melodies and the rhythms. And they are so “playable” for us amateurs! Thank you for bringing these tunes to life.
Claudia Grilli

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